This is the 2023 year Parades  Click the Link to fill out the signup form to participate in that parade.   


 Turtle Days    Churubusco         June 17  Donna Nation

 July 4th                   Brownsburg         July 4   Karen Humpfreys

 Circus City Parade  Peru                  July 22  Karen Schlegelmilch

Strassenfest      Jasper                    August 6  Anne Mehringer/Janet Lee

 Wild West Days    Jasonville             Sept 9     Sue Vinyard

Monrovia                      Monrovia             September 10 Dianna Shuler 


Fall Foliage              Martinsville          October 15th   Rita Hilt

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Thanksgiving                Chicago                 November 25  Rita Hilt

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Participation in one of our parades

Any paid member may walk, ride in vehicles, or help the day of the parade.  To participate in any parade, you and the horse you plan to take to the parade must attend a minimum of one despook and one trail readiness clinic per year.  After you have passed those two clinics you can then decide if you and your horse are ready to participate in a parade.

Parade Clothing and Tack

What you wear.   Parade attire is red/pink cowboy hats or helmets, shirt color will be based on each parades theme , purple pants or chaps.  At winter parades, wear the basic attire with a purple cape and red gloves.  If you wear a helmet a red helmet cover of some kind is suggested.  Chaps are not required but if you decided to purchase them please check with a current member as there are always chaps to be sold by someone.  You can wear purple chaps, chinks or half chaps.   Your parade captain will instruct you on the general attire of that parade.

What your horse wears:  Your horse tack consists of a red  bridle, with a red rope halter worn under the bridle for safety, red breast collar, red or purple saddle pad, red & purple reins.  That is our official tack colors.

Parades are for fun!

Its suggested that you borrow your parade attire and tack for the first parade you do, because maybe it didn't work for you or for some reason you just don't like them.  Then you haven't invested a lot of money.  Be creative and decorate your horse, colorful ribbons in the mane and tail, glitter on the rumps and red glitter for the hooves!  Some parades are theme oriented, so check with the parade captain on details.  There are pictures of parades on Facebook and on the Website for you to get ideas.   Please, always think of safety first for you and your horse when you decorate. 

Helpful hints:

Your horse should be clean and groomed.  Clipped bridle path and all facial hair around chin and under head "suggested" to be clipped, ears should be trimmed around the edges.  The long hairs on the hocks should be trimmed.  Be sure your clothing and tack are clean and ready to go.  Doing these things at your barn a few days before is suggested.

You will be riding with a partner and horse, try to stay boot to boot with them and keep a appropriate distance between you and the horse in front of you.  At least a horse's body length away, you should be able to see the hock of the horse in front of you through your horse's ears.  Spacing is very important for the safety of the riders.  Stay alert to what is happening around you at all times.  Smile, wave and enjoy the music and fun!  

When a parade is over remain in formation all the way to the disbanding area at a WALK behind the lead truck.  You will dismiss upon direction of the parade captain after you reach the disband area.  This is done for the safety of all riders and their horses.  If one horse/rider team decided to leave early it upsets the other horses and may cause an accident.   

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Jasper Strassenfest 2021

Jasper Strassenfest 2021