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Stacy W.  Horse women of the year!

HEALTHY HORSE HEALTHY YOU!!  JULY 13, 2024  see below 

This is the 2024 year Clinics    Click the Link to fill out the signup form.  If you haven't paid the clinic fees then be sure to pay either by check or pay pal on this website under renewal member & payment icon.   These clinics are for members only.  

2024 Clinics   All clinics are tentative for now details to be announce.  Please goto the attached link for each clinic to signup for that clinic to attend.  Thank You

March 23, 2024 – Grey Feather Ranch, Lizton, IN, Karen Humphreys

March 30. 2024 – Indian Creek, Tina Nunez 

April 6, 2024 – Char’s Barn, Donna Nation

April 13, 2024 – Lafayette, Rita Hilt

April 20, 2024 –Peru, Indiana, Karen Humphreys and Stacy Wallen

April 25, 2024 - Hendricks county fairgrounds, Danville In.  Karen Humphreys

May 4, 2024  Shelby County Western Riders Arena - Jackie Weidner Rhoades 

June 22, 2024 – CANCELLED Frankfort, Stacy Wallen  

June 28-30, 2024  Owen Putnam forest arena with trail ride Chris Marks and Karen Humphreys

July 20, 2024  Jasper Indiana Anne Mehringer and Rhonda Helming Clinic starts at 10:00 Am at Anne Mehringers farm

September 14, 2024  Wildcat Creek Clinic and trail ride.  Stacy Hickman-Wallen  Clinician. 


July 13, 2024  Healthy Horse Healthy You Clinic!  Brownsburg, IN  at the Library.   Please sign up and the cost to attend this people clinic is $30.00  more details will follow:



RHPC Despook/Trail Readiness Clinics are designed to assist members and their horses to become better partners.  It is a requirement that a horse/rider combination must attend and pass one of these qualifying clinics in order to participate in parades.  The clinics are designed for any member who wants to become a better horsewoman.

Qualifying Clinics  Each horse,  driving horse, pony and mini you want to qualify must attend a Qualifying Clinic, which consists of one Despook and one Trail Readiness event.  If you decide to drive a horse you have formerly qualified as a riding horse you must attend another despook and trail readiness clinic, driving the horse.  If someone else is going to ride your horse she must attend the despook and formation clinics on that horse and qualify as a rider/horse team.  It is a once a year event if you want to parade with your horse.

The Mini-horses being led or driving mini horses must attend one Qualifying Despook Clinic.   Each mini and leader combination must do a despook clinic.  Driving mini's must attend one despook and one trail readiness.  It is a once a year event if you want to parade with a your horse

Typically a despook clinic is usually first and will last up to 2 hours.  You bring your horse into the arena saddled, carrying your headstall and helmet.  Your horse will be asked to wear a rope halter and lead rope.  Upon entering the arena there will be items to desensitize your horse.  You will practice these obstacles, then be asked to walk them again with the instructor watching.  If you are confident with that you will be asked to mount up and repeat the pattern riding your horse.

  A Trail Readiness clinic is usually next in the same day and will last up to 2 hours.  You will be asked to saddle up and ride into the arena.  Your horse will have to stand in a line with other horses and ride in formation boot to boot doing various maneuvers.  A check off list of tasks is used to assist you and the board in deciding if you and your horse are ready to parade.  If any board member has a concern about whether the horse is parade ready you may be asked to attend more clinics.  If you bring a horse to a parade that is not parade qualified you will not be allowed to parade.  Helmets and Safety Vests are recommended to be worn at all times.  

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