Red Hats & Purple Chaps

For every horse in the pasture there is likely a woman in the kitchen longing for someone to ride with.

She has long since given up her childhood dream of riding into the sunset.  

Instead, she married, raised her children, maybe even was a "show mom" or "4-H mom", but always others needs before hers. 

Her husband has no interest in horses. If she is lucky enough to have ponies or horses as pasture ornaments her husband wonders “Why?” 

Now there is a place and a club for her. Red Hats and Purple Chaps is composed of women just like her.  Some have waited over thirty years to ride again, but they are doing it, and doing it with a bang!  

We camp, trail ride, parade the small towns, and parade the really, really big ones. 
You can do it again.   Come join us!