Trail Rides

This is the 2020 year Trail Rides: Dates/Place/Host/ Click the link for additional information about the event.

  1. 04/23/2020- 04/26/2020 CANCELLED " Spring Jamboree" at Midwest Trail Ride Campground in Norman, IN RHPC Event --

  2. 05-08-2020- 05-10-2020 Postponed "Potato Creek State Park" (Mothers day ride) North Liberty, IN Carma Macpherson Host --

  3. 05/12/2020- 05/17/2020 Postponed Ladies Ride "Deam Wilderness" Blackwell Camp (Not a RHPC Event) Rita Hilt Host

  4. 05/15/2020- 05/17/2020- Cancelled Trail Ride at" Hoosier Horse Camp" in Norman, IN Linda Vogt Host--

  5. 05/20/2020- 05/24/2020 CANCELLED Trail Ride at "Hocking Hills Trail /Pine Creek Horse Camp" in Bloomingville Ohio Onvetta Herrin Host--

05/29/2020- 05/31/2020 Trail Ride at "Tippecanoe River State Park" in Winamac, IN Gayle Vautaw Host--

  1. 05/31/2020- 06/06/2020 CANCELLED Trail Ride at "Timber Ridge" in Jamestown, TN Cherri Cronen Host--

  2. 06/15/2020- 06/20/2020 Trail Ride at "Kettle Moraine" in Eagle WI Sally Delong Host--

  3. 06/21/2020- 06/28/2020 CANCELLED Trail Ride at "Bufflo River" in Waynesboro, TN Sharon Capper Host --

  4. 06/23/2020- 06/27/2020 Trail Ride at "O'Bannon Woods State Park" in Corydon, IN Diane Denny Host--

  5. 06/26/2020- 06/28/2020 Trail Ride at "Tippecanoe State Park" in Winamac, IN Donna Nation Host---

  6. 07/24/2020- 07/26/2020 Trail Ride at" Farmlane Equestrain" in Lake MI Connie Michaels Host --

  7. 08/21/2020- 08/23/2020 Trail Ride at "Salamonie in Lagro", IN Renee Bird Host--

  8. 09/11/2020- 09/13/2020 "CANCELLED"Trail Ride at "Prairie Creek" Reservoir in Muncie, IN Dianne Tulley Host--

  9. 09/18/2020- 09/20/2020 Trail Ride at "Midwest Trail Ride" Campground IN Norman IN. (Not a RHPC Event, ITRA event)

  10. 09/24/2020- 09/27/2020 Fall Jamboree at "Midwest Trail Ride" Campground in Norman IN RHPC Event--

  11. 10/01/2020- 10/04/2020 Trail Ride at "Brown County" in Nashville IN Sally Delong Host--

  12. 10/16/2020- 10/18/2020 Trail Ride at "Versailles" in Versailles, IN Connie Freese Host----

  13. 10/18/2020- 10/22/2020 Trail Ride at "O'Bannon Woods" in Corydon, IN Donna Anderson Host---

  14. 10/23/2020- 10/25/2020 Trail Ride at "Hoosier Horse Camp" in Norman, IN Gayle Vautaw and Lori Magnuson Host---

  15. 10/28/2020- 10/31/2020 Trail Ride at "Midwest Trail Ride" Campground in Norman IN. (Not a RHPC event, Halloween celebration)

Camping and Trail Rides

  • There are no tack or attire requirements for trail rides, although members are encouraged to wear a red or purple shirt.

  • There are many organized trail rides and camping activities throughout the year including several out of state rides, please remember if you are crossing state lines to get a health certificate for your horse.

  • You will need Hoosier National Forest trail permits/tags and State trail permits/tags to ride in these events.

  • You can purchase your Hoosier National Forrest permits at and

  • the DNR State Permits at

  • Please ride safe! a helmet and safety vest is always recommended.