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To mail a payment, Make out a check to "RHPC" and send to:

RHPC Membership
6511 East Landersdale Rd. 
Camby, IN 46113
All Clinics are to be paid at the time of registration Either by personal check or Paypal.

Please note which clinic on payment.
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Membership Fees
New Membership Fees 
New Membership Fee
Non-Rider Fee $20.00 

Renewal of Membership Fees per year    
Due January 1   
Annual Membership Renewal Fee

Non-Riding members fee
Those that will not be driving, leading handling or riding a equine at events

Family members who help at parades and various RHPC events covered under our RHPC Insurance. $10.00

Event Fees
All Day Clinic Fee

Includes Despook and Trail Readiness

Single Clinic

Trail Readiness Clinic Fee 
Despook Clinic Fee

Flexible/Other Payments (Enter amount at Checkout)